Talent Acquisition – The new age HR personnel

Good Morning Mr. Amit!!

This is Henry speaking from XYZ company and I am into the talent acquisition team of the company

Good Morning Mr. Amit!!

I am John speaking from DEF consulting company, from the talent acquisition team and we are hiring talent for our client.


Nowadays the consultants, HR professional have started calling themselves Talent Acquisition Team. This adds a lot of statement and feels immensely good when people talk on talent.

One great thing about this is, the people from the recruitment industry are no more people, who want to gather resumes and send it to the clients. Today, they go into more details and gather a lot of information.

There are challenges that do face are many. Some of the key challenges in the industry while doing the search are

  • The client is in need of a candidate and he is always in a rush
  • Good candidates don’t have time to speak
  • Some candidates who work with good companies don’t want to quit, due  to risk factor
  • Some candidates do come for the interview, get the appointment letter in hand, but eventually don’t  join the company. This is the worst

But the new age consultant  talk and give a clear road map, so that the candidate get a blue print of the job.This eliminates or reduces the above challenges.

I  cite a small anecdote of  my interaction with a freelance HR  professional for his  client. Although I could not make through, I admire the following attributes of the consultant

  • He had a detailed  understanding of the industry in which he was doing the hiring
  • Along  with this he was completely transparent about the shortcoming of the company and kept me abreast with it
  • He gave a brief understanding about the person who was supposed to interview me, his education, past experiences
  • Another attribute of his was he did not speak much in salary. Kept it open

I hope that this new age HR professional, keep this new christened name live up to it is  expectation.



Vijay Sokhi

FMCG – Foods Professional

Business Consulting, Change Management, Sales Management and Motivation.




Recent attacks on Paris  have left everyone in the world in a state of shock and trauma. I stay in India and I condemn the attacks in Paris and across the  world. Attacks in Mumbai, Pakistan, Paris, US and so many other parts in the world

It is said the LOVE is  the  most simplest thing in the world, but it is sad to know that people hate each other so much. Hate to the extent that they don’t regret killing innocent people.


Please look at this  picture and do you for any moment think that this child is a Terrorist.

Friends,, no body in the world is born a terrorist. Couple a days a ago my brother  was blessed with a baby. I saw in her eye  and all I could see a life who was in our lap. Everything is in our hands.

If, no body in the world is born a terrorist. Then how does  a innocent creation of God turn into evil.

My understanding is as under:-

  • Nuclear Families:
    • The world is changing at a very rapid speed. The cost of living has gone so high that parents are unable are nurture their own children.  Cost of living has forced them to work and the children are sent to Hostel  or Day Boarding. No child in this  world  wants to stay far from his father and  mother. Yet this  is happening at a faster rate. If it is required, do sent them, but always be bonded, through regular visit. Just telephone does not help
  • Single Child Families
    • Too much of love and fulfilment of wish builds arrogance. When needs are not met,children seek ways and me and to get what then want, through means they are don;t know is right or wrong.
  • Families with  too many children
    • When this happen, not all the children get  full attention. There is some one is left, who gets less attention and then moves out.

Families, Friends, Neighbours, Society, Teachers, each and every one plays an important role in building up a person. There are two people who I personally hold responsible  for shaping up a person

  • Parents
    • Never should any parent give up  on a child. If they notice  any deviation in his behaviour it should be immediately addressed. For any child if any person comes after God, it is the mother and father. If taught in the right way, he can be made understood
  • Teachers
    • According to me this is the biggest concern . The first place the child goes out after he is born is a school. I also had been to a school and I thank that I had teacher who could guide me in the right direction, so that I could take a decision on what is right and what is wrong. They invested in us. Its my urge to all the teachers, not to ignore children who don’t score good and not very intelligent, please try to develop them.  The student in your class could be a doctor, industrialist or a terrorist.

As long as we don’t take a step to inform, educate, and put people in the right direction by correcting them, taking a lead to be friends with the one’s who are ignored, change will not come.

I know this will not  change the world but I want to urge to all of you to atleast make the  effort. Let’s pledge that we will help all those who need help.

I know  the road is difficult and change will not happen in a day, but step by step we will be able to make a big difference . Let’s identify one person who needs help and help him.  There are more good people in the world than people who are bad. If we play our role well, these handful people who are leading a road that is dark will see the light

Never give up on a person.

If you are with me to make this change happen, do send me a like or leave a comment. Together, we can make this a world better place.


Vijay Sokhi

You are a L O O S E R

I have a dream; I want it to make it to the football team. I have a dream; I want to go for a tour to the world. I have a dream, to be the best employee in the company I work. I want to be one of the tenth richest persons in the world. These are highly ambitious people who want to achieve something big in their life.

I want to a move from a One BHK to a Two BHK home. I want to start my own company. I want to move from two wheeler to a four wheeler. I want to fly in an air plane. I want to ensure that when my children grow up I send him to the best of the school. This is the dream of a common man, men like us.

Each and every person who is born in this world has a dream. No matter how big, or how small it is, a dream is whatever person in the world is aspiring to achieve. Even a beggar dreams that he should sometime get out of poverty and live in a home, have a car; isn’t it ??

If all in the world have a dream and they work towards it, then why is it that there are so many dreams unfulfilled. There are some who reach the pinnacle and over achieve what they have targeted for.  There are some people who fail and then work to stay alive and pay the utility bills.

Dreams are not easy to fulfill, and there can be no one in the world, who would come and say I have not chased my dream. Everybody has at some point of time had made the move. When you fail you feel like a looser. Looks like, that you have done all that you can, and now nothing further can happen.

  • You start with a thought that you want to be a singer; you try for it and then start the training. You come to a point where you see a lot of competition and the difficulties ahead, and your try to compete in a few competition but you loose
  • You start a new business and reach a point when the funds have choked ( happens with a lot of startups) and the company is closed, you loose
  • You work with a company, setup the entire business, do your targets. Then suddenly competition changes and the business that you were once successful with become hard to even reach the minimum sale point, you loose

This happens. It has happened to me and it has happened to most of us. But the looser is not the one who

  • Has not been able to become a singer
  • Has not be able to make is business venture successful
  • Has not been able to do his target
  • Or anything he has decided to achieve.

The looser is the one who has given up HOPE. No matter how small or silly, this four letter word is; as long as there is HOPE, everyone will find the way.

  • You may not be from a top notch B School in India, but this does not mean that you will not be able to make it big in the corporate world. Yes, you may have to work a little harder than these big time degree holders but you will finally make it
  • You may not be from a family business back ground, but this does not mean you cannot start your venture. You may take time but you will do it
  • You may not belong to a tinsel town family, but this does not mean that you cannot be a top notch actor. You may have to start with small roles but you will
  • You could have taken assignment with a company that is struggling. Just because your preceder could not do it, it does not mean you cannot do it, you may have to  work a little late


  • With a little extra effort
  • With a little extra dedication
  • With a little suggestion/help from your seniors
  • With a little blessings from your loved one

Everything is possible

We are not looser, if we don’t give up HOPE and keep the fire burning. Under the worst of the situation we will make it. The world has proven this and this will keep on happening for years to come.


Let the Light burn in you and let it illuminate others as well


In my interactions with various people and experiences with various companies that I have worked, I have found that each of them have a goal that they want to achieve. Based on this goals or we may say business objectives, the pillars of any organization is laid.

Organizations are made with various types of individuals and departments. Each individual that joins, he undergoes the induction process, understands his roles and responsibilities, is made acquainted with all the rule and regulation of the organization. He is told about the mission or the vision statement and the organization goals. After successful induction, he resumes to the basic routine work that he is assigned with. This is a basic format in which all the companies work.

As organizations have their goals, so do the employees. But nowhere I have ever seen or felt organization aligning their goals with the goals of the employees. By goal alignment, I mean the employee clearly understands what does the organization needs from him and the organization also understands what the employee wants.   If this happens then, I am sure that the attrition level will reduce. Organization will have better understanding of what the employee is aspiring to achieve and together work for a common objective, befitting both.

In an organization there are various types of people. Each and every person is different, does a different set of work and is important. There are people who play safe are not risk takers, they know their limitation and stay where they are, and are happy with nominal growth. There are other set who are risk takers, ambitious and want to make the extra effort to achieve something in like. It is just as a football team that has a striker, defender and mid player; all with different roles but with an intention to win the match.

The organization must at regular interval work on understanding its employee goals and help them aligning their goal with the goal of the organization. During this exercise the company can easily identify, the type of people in the organization and then act accordingly. If an aggressive person, or a person who can be trained is identified; the goals should be aligned because these are those person who can bring a remarkable change.

For the employees who are working with organization where the goal is not defined, you will never be able to achieve the objective you have set. If you have set a goal for yourself and the organization is not investing on you, it’s time to move on!!

Start Ups – For those who dare!!

Mann tippt auf Interface Start-Up

In my experiences that I had over the past, I have discovered that working in a Start Up is more challenging, eventful and a great learning than working with established brands. For a person like me creation means a lot. Hence, I have found out my way from working in most reputed MNC’s to establishing brands.

Over the past few years I have met a lot of person with whom I interacted and would like to share a couple of my experience with them on start-ups

  • I know this person from a quite long time as we have worked together in the previous company. I choose to take the path of working with new brands, while he choose to work with brands. Today, this colleague of mine works in a chocolate company, one of the leading companies in the Indian subcontinent. After a very long time we met on a bottle of beer. We were having a casual talk and he came up with a question –What is the turnover that you handle and what is your team size? I casually replied 8 Cr per annum and have about 40 odd people reporting to me and resumed to my drinks. He then told me that he handles about 100+ Cr turnover and had 200+ people reporting to him. The way in which he spoke to me sounded like – ‘’ What score do you have over me, I have a bigger and better score over you.’’ I felt a little let down but then I thought to myself what does he know about establishing a product. He may be doing a great turnover, building up on the brand that has already   been established. Little does he knows that to do even a crore in a start-up at the initial level is a big ask.
  • Once I got an interview call from a very reputed beverage cola company in India. I was waiting in the lobby and look at all the accolades of the brand – the various ads with leading moviestar and everything around was so flamboyant. My name was announced and I went it for the interview. The interviewer scanned my resume and told me I can see that you have worked with a reputed company at the beginning of your career, but I have never heard about the company in which you are working. I replied, ‘’ Sir, the company  that you have not heard of, is one  of the leading companies is the specified sector and within a few years of its launch is close to reaching 10% of the all India sales.’’ He was still not convinced and asked me silly question. All though the interview he was trying to put me down. All during the interaction, the question that was playing at the back of my mind – Does this person have any idea how to go about launching a product?

New product launch is not an easy task a lot of effort goes into bringing a product new in the market, survive and establish it. But it is this one sphere that can

  • Bring new dimension to business
  • Generate economy
  • Generate employment
  • Create competition to break the monopoly of established brands

Going about new brands has been a very challenge and systematic process. I have always understood that any company that is successful needs to have a strong root. Take your time but

  • Get the best of the people
  • Best of the infrastructure
  • Best of the product
  • A never give up attitude

…. And rest will follow

Either You Do Your Numbers or You are fired !!


How many times have you heard this sentence in your work? If you are young, unmarried and have established family background you give a damm!! But if you are a person who is married, have  children going to school, paying your home loan, car loan, paying for the medical treatment of your old parents, then the situation is a little different. It gives nightmares, ill-health and mental instability and above all fear of losing your job. Isn’t it?

All the companies want to grow exponentially. I do agree that growing is a very important aspect and every company that is working in today’s dynamic world need to grow over sales of last year, sales of the competitor and so on. If the growth is planned, systematic and logical it’s understood, achievable and a great motivator to a team that achieves it. There are companies that do this and have great business and great people.

However, on the other side there are various other companies that have very different approach to business. The budget meeting is going to start in the next few months and most of the, Bosses, would come to the board and write, this year we are going to double the business. Now you tell me how it is going to happen. This is one of a quite funny addition that most of the Bosses add, — ” now you tell me how to do”, and what I think is – the person who want to double the business does not himself know how to do it.

The other  angle to this  is, where most of the people at the top level coming from the premier schools,  colleges start the meeting stating  that — ‘ We have to double the  business and this  is how it has to be done.’ This is better than the previous one, atleast someone is giving a direction.

In both the cases, pressure is created for delivery. It is this pressure, that creates a situation where, due to non delivery for any given reason lead to statements  like –  If you don’t do the number this month, please pack your bags; If you don’t deliver you are fired; Either you do or you go.

If anyone is reading this, please know that this does not work, at all. There could be some initial success but eventually it will lead to down fall. Please understand

  • People cannot perform in fear if loosing the job. They will start hunting and then eventually quit
  • Illogical pressure does not work. If you fill the balloon with too much of air pressure it will burst.
  • Hire and Fire does not work. It takes a lot to train a person and if he quits, then it takes close to a year for a new person to learn and adapt to situation

Everybody needs growth. I highly agree to it.

  • Systematic growth, backed with data and industry growth rate will yield greater result
  • Move steady let the growth happen stage by stage. It is going to stay for a long time
  • Let people have some freedom to work, keep a tap and ensure that they work responsibly. GPRS tracking does not help. Working with  team in the market, does help.

And for those you are afraid or work under fear

  • Rule 1 ‘’ fear only exist in the Mind’’
  • Rule 2 ‘’ Look fear in its eyes and it ceases to exist
  • Rule 3 ‘’ Make yourself so strong in your business that you are pillar in the organization’’
  • Rule 4 ‘’ Keep updating and adding knowledge, understand knowledge has never let anybody down’’
  • Rule 5 ‘’ Your family is not your weakness, IT IS YOUR GREATEST STENGTH’’

Now look back that the one who is the cause of the fear and start firing!!

Be amazed to see the response !!

Change has to come from the TOP !!


I want my numbers, do whatever you want. Most of us in the profession of sales are facing this question. Practically speaking all the weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly meets have this one question that is always put forth to us.

Numbers are important for growth but when these numbers are unreasonable and unrealistic, it creates a lot of restlessness in any organisation. People become  nervy when  they receive the call from their bosses. To explain the point of view in a better way, I am citing two view points

Lets take an example of a company that has been doing phenomenally well and has good employee working with integrity to ensure that the customers are retained and the company keeps on growing at a steady rate.

View Point 1

The company in the next year, want to grow by 50% in a market/industry that is growing at 20% year on year. The pressure chain starts from the  Top Management and boils down to the lowest person in the organisation.  In this situation the pressure mounts to a level where every  one  despite putting the best of the effort, growing at a good rate, is unable to meet the agreed growth rate which was taken very high at the beginning. This has got a very detrimental effect on organisation :

  1. At a level when people make  the best of result oriented effort as not able to meet the agreed objective get disappointed and dejected.
  2. When all that happens in the review meet is just beating, it puts a person into a discomfort. It is imperative of organisations to understand that you cannot get performance simply by beating your employee
  3. The mind starts cooking various things – The company want him to quit, the company does not want to give any increments
  4. People start quitting, attrition increase. New people come and they also start facing the same tune and reach a point where they start looking for new employment.
  5. A situation is reached where the word of mouth reaches to a level where no  person wants to work with such an organisation

View Point 2

The same company wants to ensure that the rate at which it is growing and the rate at which the industry is growing, is in line with the growth, that they have taken for the next year. The top management does a health discussion with the middle management and come to a consensus of doing a number which is stretched but achievable. The numbers are disclosed to all team and they are taken into confidence to achieve the numbers.

  1. Every time the numbers are met, the confidence  of each of the team member is boosted.
  2. They make the extra effort to achieve more
  3. Attrition decreases as people are satisfied and want to work for long
  4. Review meeting are more productive and people look forward for sharing of ideas and their achievement.

Whatever I have said above is very practical. I was interacting with one of my friends last week, he works with a growing company and is  paid well. On discussing in details with him, he told me that over ambitious targets have led to a situation where

  • Targets are not met
  • The top management of the organisation is abusing staff
  • They are making people work for extra hours – no holidays at all. Only selected.
  • There are Cctv across the office and does not allow  employee to take breaks and if they are seen in the lobby they are question etc..etc..etc..

He told me  – ” I am looking out for change, if you have any references do let me know.” This company  in which he works is well know, well advertised and has an international celebrity as its brand ambassador.

As the old saying goes – ” If you pull the string too hard it will break.”  Similarly, illogical pressure has never worked in favour of any company it has given short time success but in the long run has not been productive. Growth is a very important aspect and has to be taken up very well.