Either You Do Your Numbers or You are fired !!


How many times have you heard this sentence in your work? If you are young, unmarried and have established family background you give a damm!! But if you are a person who is married, have  children going to school, paying your home loan, car loan, paying for the medical treatment of your old parents, then the situation is a little different. It gives nightmares, ill-health and mental instability and above all fear of losing your job. Isn’t it?

All the companies want to grow exponentially. I do agree that growing is a very important aspect and every company that is working in today’s dynamic world need to grow over sales of last year, sales of the competitor and so on. If the growth is planned, systematic and logical it’s understood, achievable and a great motivator to a team that achieves it. There are companies that do this and have great business and great people.

However, on the other side there are various other companies that have very different approach to business. The budget meeting is going to start in the next few months and most of the, Bosses, would come to the board and write, this year we are going to double the business. Now you tell me how it is going to happen. This is one of a quite funny addition that most of the Bosses add, — ” now you tell me how to do”, and what I think is – the person who want to double the business does not himself know how to do it.

The other  angle to this  is, where most of the people at the top level coming from the premier schools,  colleges start the meeting stating  that — ‘ We have to double the  business and this  is how it has to be done.’ This is better than the previous one, atleast someone is giving a direction.

In both the cases, pressure is created for delivery. It is this pressure, that creates a situation where, due to non delivery for any given reason lead to statements  like –  If you don’t do the number this month, please pack your bags; If you don’t deliver you are fired; Either you do or you go.

If anyone is reading this, please know that this does not work, at all. There could be some initial success but eventually it will lead to down fall. Please understand

  • People cannot perform in fear if loosing the job. They will start hunting and then eventually quit
  • Illogical pressure does not work. If you fill the balloon with too much of air pressure it will burst.
  • Hire and Fire does not work. It takes a lot to train a person and if he quits, then it takes close to a year for a new person to learn and adapt to situation

Everybody needs growth. I highly agree to it.

  • Systematic growth, backed with data and industry growth rate will yield greater result
  • Move steady let the growth happen stage by stage. It is going to stay for a long time
  • Let people have some freedom to work, keep a tap and ensure that they work responsibly. GPRS tracking does not help. Working with  team in the market, does help.

And for those you are afraid or work under fear

  • Rule 1 ‘’ fear only exist in the Mind’’
  • Rule 2 ‘’ Look fear in its eyes and it ceases to exist
  • Rule 3 ‘’ Make yourself so strong in your business that you are pillar in the organization’’
  • Rule 4 ‘’ Keep updating and adding knowledge, understand knowledge has never let anybody down’’
  • Rule 5 ‘’ Your family is not your weakness, IT IS YOUR GREATEST STENGTH’’

Now look back that the one who is the cause of the fear and start firing!!

Be amazed to see the response !!

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