Start Ups – For those who dare!!

Mann tippt auf Interface Start-Up

In my experiences that I had over the past, I have discovered that working in a Start Up is more challenging, eventful and a great learning than working with established brands. For a person like me creation means a lot. Hence, I have found out my way from working in most reputed MNC’s to establishing brands.

Over the past few years I have met a lot of person with whom I interacted and would like to share a couple of my experience with them on start-ups

  • I know this person from a quite long time as we have worked together in the previous company. I choose to take the path of working with new brands, while he choose to work with brands. Today, this colleague of mine works in a chocolate company, one of the leading companies in the Indian subcontinent. After a very long time we met on a bottle of beer. We were having a casual talk and he came up with a question –What is the turnover that you handle and what is your team size? I casually replied 8 Cr per annum and have about 40 odd people reporting to me and resumed to my drinks. He then told me that he handles about 100+ Cr turnover and had 200+ people reporting to him. The way in which he spoke to me sounded like – ‘’ What score do you have over me, I have a bigger and better score over you.’’ I felt a little let down but then I thought to myself what does he know about establishing a product. He may be doing a great turnover, building up on the brand that has already   been established. Little does he knows that to do even a crore in a start-up at the initial level is a big ask.
  • Once I got an interview call from a very reputed beverage cola company in India. I was waiting in the lobby and look at all the accolades of the brand – the various ads with leading moviestar and everything around was so flamboyant. My name was announced and I went it for the interview. The interviewer scanned my resume and told me I can see that you have worked with a reputed company at the beginning of your career, but I have never heard about the company in which you are working. I replied, ‘’ Sir, the company  that you have not heard of, is one  of the leading companies is the specified sector and within a few years of its launch is close to reaching 10% of the all India sales.’’ He was still not convinced and asked me silly question. All though the interview he was trying to put me down. All during the interaction, the question that was playing at the back of my mind – Does this person have any idea how to go about launching a product?

New product launch is not an easy task a lot of effort goes into bringing a product new in the market, survive and establish it. But it is this one sphere that can

  • Bring new dimension to business
  • Generate economy
  • Generate employment
  • Create competition to break the monopoly of established brands

Going about new brands has been a very challenge and systematic process. I have always understood that any company that is successful needs to have a strong root. Take your time but

  • Get the best of the people
  • Best of the infrastructure
  • Best of the product
  • A never give up attitude

…. And rest will follow

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