In my interactions with various people and experiences with various companies that I have worked, I have found that each of them have a goal that they want to achieve. Based on this goals or we may say business objectives, the pillars of any organization is laid.

Organizations are made with various types of individuals and departments. Each individual that joins, he undergoes the induction process, understands his roles and responsibilities, is made acquainted with all the rule and regulation of the organization. He is told about the mission or the vision statement and the organization goals. After successful induction, he resumes to the basic routine work that he is assigned with. This is a basic format in which all the companies work.

As organizations have their goals, so do the employees. But nowhere I have ever seen or felt organization aligning their goals with the goals of the employees. By goal alignment, I mean the employee clearly understands what does the organization needs from him and the organization also understands what the employee wants.   If this happens then, I am sure that the attrition level will reduce. Organization will have better understanding of what the employee is aspiring to achieve and together work for a common objective, befitting both.

In an organization there are various types of people. Each and every person is different, does a different set of work and is important. There are people who play safe are not risk takers, they know their limitation and stay where they are, and are happy with nominal growth. There are other set who are risk takers, ambitious and want to make the extra effort to achieve something in like. It is just as a football team that has a striker, defender and mid player; all with different roles but with an intention to win the match.

The organization must at regular interval work on understanding its employee goals and help them aligning their goal with the goal of the organization. During this exercise the company can easily identify, the type of people in the organization and then act accordingly. If an aggressive person, or a person who can be trained is identified; the goals should be aligned because these are those person who can bring a remarkable change.

For the employees who are working with organization where the goal is not defined, you will never be able to achieve the objective you have set. If you have set a goal for yourself and the organization is not investing on you, it’s time to move on!!

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