You are a L O O S E R

I have a dream; I want it to make it to the football team. I have a dream; I want to go for a tour to the world. I have a dream, to be the best employee in the company I work. I want to be one of the tenth richest persons in the world. These are highly ambitious people who want to achieve something big in their life.

I want to a move from a One BHK to a Two BHK home. I want to start my own company. I want to move from two wheeler to a four wheeler. I want to fly in an air plane. I want to ensure that when my children grow up I send him to the best of the school. This is the dream of a common man, men like us.

Each and every person who is born in this world has a dream. No matter how big, or how small it is, a dream is whatever person in the world is aspiring to achieve. Even a beggar dreams that he should sometime get out of poverty and live in a home, have a car; isn’t it ??

If all in the world have a dream and they work towards it, then why is it that there are so many dreams unfulfilled. There are some who reach the pinnacle and over achieve what they have targeted for.  There are some people who fail and then work to stay alive and pay the utility bills.

Dreams are not easy to fulfill, and there can be no one in the world, who would come and say I have not chased my dream. Everybody has at some point of time had made the move. When you fail you feel like a looser. Looks like, that you have done all that you can, and now nothing further can happen.

  • You start with a thought that you want to be a singer; you try for it and then start the training. You come to a point where you see a lot of competition and the difficulties ahead, and your try to compete in a few competition but you loose
  • You start a new business and reach a point when the funds have choked ( happens with a lot of startups) and the company is closed, you loose
  • You work with a company, setup the entire business, do your targets. Then suddenly competition changes and the business that you were once successful with become hard to even reach the minimum sale point, you loose

This happens. It has happened to me and it has happened to most of us. But the looser is not the one who

  • Has not been able to become a singer
  • Has not be able to make is business venture successful
  • Has not been able to do his target
  • Or anything he has decided to achieve.

The looser is the one who has given up HOPE. No matter how small or silly, this four letter word is; as long as there is HOPE, everyone will find the way.

  • You may not be from a top notch B School in India, but this does not mean that you will not be able to make it big in the corporate world. Yes, you may have to work a little harder than these big time degree holders but you will finally make it
  • You may not be from a family business back ground, but this does not mean you cannot start your venture. You may take time but you will do it
  • You may not belong to a tinsel town family, but this does not mean that you cannot be a top notch actor. You may have to start with small roles but you will
  • You could have taken assignment with a company that is struggling. Just because your preceder could not do it, it does not mean you cannot do it, you may have to  work a little late


  • With a little extra effort
  • With a little extra dedication
  • With a little suggestion/help from your seniors
  • With a little blessings from your loved one

Everything is possible

We are not looser, if we don’t give up HOPE and keep the fire burning. Under the worst of the situation we will make it. The world has proven this and this will keep on happening for years to come.


Let the Light burn in you and let it illuminate others as well

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