Recent attacks on Paris  have left everyone in the world in a state of shock and trauma. I stay in India and I condemn the attacks in Paris and across the  world. Attacks in Mumbai, Pakistan, Paris, US and so many other parts in the world

It is said the LOVE is  the  most simplest thing in the world, but it is sad to know that people hate each other so much. Hate to the extent that they don’t regret killing innocent people.


Please look at this  picture and do you for any moment think that this child is a Terrorist.

Friends,, no body in the world is born a terrorist. Couple a days a ago my brother  was blessed with a baby. I saw in her eye  and all I could see a life who was in our lap. Everything is in our hands.

If, no body in the world is born a terrorist. Then how does  a innocent creation of God turn into evil.

My understanding is as under:-

  • Nuclear Families:
    • The world is changing at a very rapid speed. The cost of living has gone so high that parents are unable are nurture their own children.  Cost of living has forced them to work and the children are sent to Hostel  or Day Boarding. No child in this  world  wants to stay far from his father and  mother. Yet this  is happening at a faster rate. If it is required, do sent them, but always be bonded, through regular visit. Just telephone does not help
  • Single Child Families
    • Too much of love and fulfilment of wish builds arrogance. When needs are not met,children seek ways and me and to get what then want, through means they are don;t know is right or wrong.
  • Families with  too many children
    • When this happen, not all the children get  full attention. There is some one is left, who gets less attention and then moves out.

Families, Friends, Neighbours, Society, Teachers, each and every one plays an important role in building up a person. There are two people who I personally hold responsible  for shaping up a person

  • Parents
    • Never should any parent give up  on a child. If they notice  any deviation in his behaviour it should be immediately addressed. For any child if any person comes after God, it is the mother and father. If taught in the right way, he can be made understood
  • Teachers
    • According to me this is the biggest concern . The first place the child goes out after he is born is a school. I also had been to a school and I thank that I had teacher who could guide me in the right direction, so that I could take a decision on what is right and what is wrong. They invested in us. Its my urge to all the teachers, not to ignore children who don’t score good and not very intelligent, please try to develop them.  The student in your class could be a doctor, industrialist or a terrorist.

As long as we don’t take a step to inform, educate, and put people in the right direction by correcting them, taking a lead to be friends with the one’s who are ignored, change will not come.

I know this will not  change the world but I want to urge to all of you to atleast make the  effort. Let’s pledge that we will help all those who need help.

I know  the road is difficult and change will not happen in a day, but step by step we will be able to make a big difference . Let’s identify one person who needs help and help him.  There are more good people in the world than people who are bad. If we play our role well, these handful people who are leading a road that is dark will see the light

Never give up on a person.

If you are with me to make this change happen, do send me a like or leave a comment. Together, we can make this a world better place.


Vijay Sokhi

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