Talent Acquisition – The new age HR personnel

Good Morning Mr. Amit!!

This is Henry speaking from XYZ company and I am into the talent acquisition team of the company

Good Morning Mr. Amit!!

I am John speaking from DEF consulting company, from the talent acquisition team and we are hiring talent for our client.


Nowadays the consultants, HR professional have started calling themselves Talent Acquisition Team. This adds a lot of statement and feels immensely good when people talk on talent.

One great thing about this is, the people from the recruitment industry are no more people, who want to gather resumes and send it to the clients. Today, they go into more details and gather a lot of information.

There are challenges that do face are many. Some of the key challenges in the industry while doing the search are

  • The client is in need of a candidate and he is always in a rush
  • Good candidates don’t have time to speak
  • Some candidates who work with good companies don’t want to quit, due  to risk factor
  • Some candidates do come for the interview, get the appointment letter in hand, but eventually don’t  join the company. This is the worst

But the new age consultant  talk and give a clear road map, so that the candidate get a blue print of the job.This eliminates or reduces the above challenges.

I  cite a small anecdote of  my interaction with a freelance HR  professional for his  client. Although I could not make through, I admire the following attributes of the consultant

  • He had a detailed  understanding of the industry in which he was doing the hiring
  • Along  with this he was completely transparent about the shortcoming of the company and kept me abreast with it
  • He gave a brief understanding about the person who was supposed to interview me, his education, past experiences
  • Another attribute of his was he did not speak much in salary. Kept it open

I hope that this new age HR professional, keep this new christened name live up to it is  expectation.



Vijay Sokhi

FMCG – Foods Professional

Business Consulting, Change Management, Sales Management and Motivation.



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