Its not a job. Its an assignment




Today’s genre of employee more than being an asset to an organisation is job hopper. 2 years is a max time that any employee looks forward to work with any organisation. Once he reaches the 2 years mark, he starts updating his resumes and eventually moves out to the next. In the next job, he works for 2 years and moves outs. And this has become a fad today.

Of the little study and experience that I have done over the past, I have noticed the following: –

  • When an employee joins any organisation, he takes about 4-6 months to understand the business. Most of the time goes by criticizing the person who was mishandled the biz prior to him.
  • Now in the 6 months he fills up the gap that is there in the market and this is how the year ends
  • The next year starts and the challenges come in. Challenges of getting business growth and facing issues from the market.
  • By this the time he has spent about 18 months with the organisation, then he start realizing that the difficulty will only increase from here. The issues that come up now are his responsibility. He thinks that there is problem with the company. His team is not right. The management is not serious about the business. There is gossip around with his colleagues – nothing can happen now, time to move on.
  • Come month 19, the resume is update. The next 4-6months is survival. By the time two years are over, you have a new job

People, who seek job for the sake of getting a job, are never able to establish themselves in the industry. Two years time is too less for anyone to understand the job. It is at the end of 2 years that you actually know what you need to do. They challenges lie in the 3rd and 4th year where your behavior is known to all and you face relevant question with the management. You have done a little growth in the 2nd year of business and now in the 3rd year for further growth, you have to think out of the box. You know that growth will come but you have to hold the management and make them realize that this is a little gestation period that the new plan will take to execute. It takes a lot of character to stay on when your moves are questioned, it is this time when you shape up as a true manager.

In my career spread over 14 years now, I have spent close to 5 years in the first 2 companies and now in the third I am at the 2.5 year and still on. The third and the fourth year have been the most challenging one. Currently into the third with my current organisation, I have been facing a lot of challenges and as I work in an Indian based company, I also have to face the top management. It is extremely difficult for me to convince the management that I can bring the change. The last couple of months have been so bad that everyone has questioned me and put me to trails. It took a lot of explanation and effort to convince the management. Finally the results are now coming. I don’t know how the coming months will behave, but I am sure that the plan will work and the success will eventually come.

All this time most of the people around and employees that have quit the company have pushed me to quit. But I choose to stick on. I believe that it in the corporate world it is I am not doing a job but completing and assignment. I have not completed my current assignment. The day I complete it, that is:

  • Build by sustaining and consistent volumes
  • Build up a team that can take the business forward

I will know that the time to move on has come. People called me crazy when I left my job at HUL and joined a new brand called Typhoo.  I was the 2nd employee in the West Zone, started with “0” sales during my stint at Typhoo reached sales of about 7 Cr. After I left, the team build by me took over the business. It gives me a lot of satisfaction, to know today that Typhoo is about 25Cr + company.

Don’t look at your job, just as a job. Look at it as an assignment. Complete it and then move on!!  Success will follow

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