which song do you relate the most with?
Stand by me. John Lennon
what are your views on love at first sight?
what makes you stand out?
Ability to tolerate situation and when its out of the limit, I am not a nice person to know
what is your favorite lie?
Don’t lie most of the time. Heard a story when I was young, to hide one lie you have to tell more and more lies. Its a bottomless pit
if you could know one thing about your future , what would it be?
Can I make a movie ?
on a scale of 1 to 10 how weird are you?
do u identify yourself as an art lover?
which picture best describes your city?
Serene and beautiful
what is your favorite childhood memory?
The love of my grandparents
you know how some scenes from our life get stuck in our head? describe one?
I went into a political mess during my college time. I had an outburst on one of my friend, who never told me why she was angry with me. I made a confession in the college in front of all that my behaviour was not good and would not repeat such a thing again
would you choose money or fame?



This is my second award nomination!!!! (too many exclamations??) so Mimi nominated me for this award! thanks a ton mimi!liebster-award-rules.jpg

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