Each and every one of us has their priority. We are so involved with them that we work day in, day out to achieve what we want. We must do it, and if we don’t we will never achieve what we have desired to do. Some of us are all day busy writing blog, some are busy doing their monotonous jobs, some are busy developing software, some are busy in sales, someone is busy making a building. Our life cycle as well goes in a similar fashion, as students busy studying, as a professional busy earning, as old people busy with health and doctors. Trust, some are busy sleeping, most are busy worrying. Frankly speaking that the world has been crafted in a way, it keeps us busy.


Life is not necessarily made up of all these complicated things. Instead, it is that moment in your life, those 30 minutes, that one day, which makes the difference. If fell very sad when people don’t understand those situation that the life creates, that went utilized.

Say, you have been trying to say talk to someone, who was at one point of time very close to you but due to some misunderstanding you are not in talking terms. You are sitting in café, and all of a sudden that person arrives. You look eye to eye, and then get busy in your work. You are aware that the person is sitting two tables behind you and you are willing to approach; and then your mind starts cooking; what if he does not respond, what if he behaves rudely. Understand, you did not have any plans of meeting the person, who never knew that he would come, at that time at that café, but he is there; these moment are creating of the nature. Stop thinking. Just get up and site and talk.  If you have to say sorry, say it. If you want to speak out your mind, speak it out. But make the move. Say, you have a friend, you had an argument with her and you knew that it was not your mistake but a misunderstanding, and you always wanted to talk to her. Every-time, you used to go to college, you always thought that you would talk to her and patch up, but somehow it always got pushed to next day. Time passed and summer vacation was announced. All during the vacation, you prepared that after the vacation; you would meet her and talk it out. The school resumed. She was not there for the first day and then a week passed. On the 10th day of the school, you came to know that she passed away and you never got a chance of saying sorry to her. This is the situation with most of us; we wait for the time but when the time is there we don’t act. Tell me is there any guarantee of life.  What you have to do, you have to do now. It is this moment that is right, who knows what will happen tomorrow.

Say, you know this guy very well and some where you have feeling for her, but no commitments. You are good friends. There is college picnic and there are about 30 people in a group. You reach the picnic spot; somehow a situation is created, where you both are along and you feel like kissing her. Do it. Don’t think. If you start thinking, then it’s gone.

Say you are driving to home, that day it was raining heavily. I was one of those days, where you could have come home early. Just minutes before you reach home, you witness an accident. You choose to help the person. You help him, take him to the hospital, the doctor attends the patient and in the mean time you call his relatives. They all come. As you wait with their family members outside, the doctor come and tells you, it is because you bought him on time, he survived else he would have died. Feel it. It was the decision at that moment on the road that saved someone’s life.

  • You want to laugh today, laugh. Don’t think you are in a board meeting or in a classroom.
  • You want to say sorry to some say it. Don’t think, by saying sorry you will lower your value. Someone said, ‘’saying sorry does not make you small, it only exhibits that you value the other person more than you’’
  • You want to cry, then cry. If it pains, let I pain.
  • You want to help, help. Don’t think what will happen next.
  • You want to go out with the family, leave today. May be you don’t get time tomorrow
  • You want to start you business, start it.
  • You want to get wet in the rain, go out. Don’t think what if I get cold. If you get cold, you can take care of it, if you don’t go out in the rain, then you may have to wait for another year of the rains to return.

All these moments are creating of God. We are very small to understand it. So when these moments come, we should not think much, what you need is a good intention and a pure heart, and never hurt anyone’s feeling.

Don’t wait; do it now, may be tomorrow, time and situation may not permit you to do what you want to do now.

Live the moment !!

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