_MG_5620 (1)Hello Everyone,

My name is Vijay Sokhi and I stay in Mumbai.

Over the past so many years I have tried so many time to write and publish my work, but did not get a good platform to continue my interest. Keeping updated with what happening in the world and also  updating my knowledge about things is one of my passion.

I work full time with a foods company in Mumbai and my work  makes me travel a lot. I head the West Zone comprising of state of Maharashtra, Gujarat, Madhya Pradesh and Goa. Being into the retail business, I have to interact with a lot of people and from this people I learn so many things. My profile does not allow me much of free time and whenever I get time I put my thought into words.

From the little knowledge that I have acquired, it has been revealed to me that, ‘One Must Do What He Wants To  Do – He can succeed in leaps and bounds if he follows what he likes.’ Almost all the great leaders, successful people in the world have said this. I am a believer and a doer and will never stop doing new things. As with most of the people, in the past I have tried various ventures, although I could not convert them to big achievements, each one of it game me learnings.  My search for finding a platform where I could share my thoughts,  learnings and also take learning from others; has aspired me to take up blogging.  As writing is one of my interest, I ensure that I keep on writing and adding values wherever I can.

I love to follow spiritual books and take great aspiration from them, The Bhagavat Gita being one of them. Hence kept the work Yogi in my blog.

I  aspire to  become a Leadership Consultant  to Companies.I also aspire to write a book in future. But I have not accumulated the courage to write one.

I would want all of you to contribute to my writing by sharing your views and ideas. I assure you that, I will definitely reply and keep the light burning.

You can get in touch with me on the email via – multiply2811@gmail.com


Vijay Sokhi


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