Don’t push someone to the wall. Beware, may be he is building his anger!!

Many a times we encounter people who we take granted. We know that what we are doing to the other person is incorrect and this person keeps quite. You keep on pushing them, because you are noticing that he is keeping quite. You keep on playing around and the other person is watching and bearing. You play tricks with him and he still keeps quite. You have a feeling of victory on him and ensure that you keep him engaged in the loop and keep him under you. He keeps quite all the time.

There are two types of people who keep quite:

  1. Type 1: Who cannot do anything? There are those kinds that stay calm and have no ability to take actions. No matter what you do, he is meek and follows your direction. Once you put him under you, he remains under you throughout his life
  2. Type 2 – The most dangerous one. This person is the one who may be keeping quiet for many reasons – he regards you a lot, he want to protect the relationship, he knows he can trust you. He also keeps quite and takes the beating. He has the ability to take beating to the extent that he wants you to take him to the breaking point. For example if his breaking point is 10, he will push it to 15 or to 20, but after 20 he could be the most lethal person in your life. All through this time he just builds up on his anger and once you push him to the wall where he realizes
    • You have been playing around with him
    • Breaking his trust
    • Fooling around

Then God save you. In fact these people when they reach that breaking point, even God cannot save any one. The next is next is destruction.

I am an Indian and belong to the rich heritage of India and take lot of learning form you epics. One such epic was the battle of Mahabharata. An important character in the Mahabharata was Shri Krishna. He did all that he could to avert the war. The Kauravas had put the Pandavas to a situation where they had lost everything in the game of dice, including their property and wife. They were sent to exile for 13 years and there after 1 year of incognito. After their return Shri Krishna acted as a peace maker and told the eldest of the brother of Kauravas, Duryodhan, to give the lands to the Pandavas that was rightfully theirs. Duryodhan said no. The eldest of the Pandavas, Yudhistir, request to give only 5 villages to the Pandavas and they would be satisfied. Duryodhan replied, he will not give land even to the tip of the needle point. This finally led to the bloodiest war in the Indian epic history. The Pandavas were pushed and lost everything, went to exile and were quite, peacefully would have settled for five villages, but Kauravas refused and the result was the end of the Kauravas. In the war there were losses for both the Kauravas and the Pandavas, but when you have decided that relation is not being honored by someone you value more, than you want to destroy the other person, even if you get destroyed in the process.

Therefore, we must not play around with people who behave properly even if they are subdued. You never know, maybe they are building their anger. If you push them too hard reaction is imminent.

Personally speaking, you need to build up on your anger. This is needed for all those who think that you are a looser and cannot take action. You must not bow down to injustice at all, but take it on you till the time you can and then explode. It is because we are bearing this injustice, we empower people to take advantage on us and also others. Be it your job, your personal life, the society or anywhere else, you must speak out when needed.  Someone has to bring the change and it has to be you.

Fight Back!! Be the Change


Start Ups – II Idea

In continuation with my earlier post


All the start ups are born out of idea.  It is the nurturing of the idea and the continuous effort that a company puts in building the idea that leads to the formation of a large business enterprise.

But the very concept of idea is not enough; it has to be backed up with proper data and study. Some of the very practical point to be noted while we are in the process of building up the idea is:

  • Idea is come like a spark and also go like a spark. Studies have shown that out of various ideas that are generated; only 1-2% of them really see the end result.
  • The most important thing to note is that a lot of money goes in building up the idea. Sometime you are so close, so close; just an inch more before the final concept, and you realize that it cannot move any further from here. E.g – You want to create and app for a super smart phone, that can act as a seismograph device, alerting you before an earthquake. Sounds great, you start working on it and after investing a lot reach a road block.
  • Sometimes company develops a very nice product, so good that it’s practically has all that you need to make it a success. The product is developed and launched in the market, bombarded with marketing, people go crazy, buy the product take it home, and finally realize it is very difficult to make.
  • There are so many products that are launched, every month but only a few actually become successful. Companies now adopt a secure way of brand extension, to launch a new product

This and a lot more are the shortcomings. But there are successes, and these are mostly because a lot of markets study, brainstorming and analysis is done to launch the product. It is important to understand that any idea that is build up on an assumption is most likely to fail. It is only those ideas that backed with proper data and understanding has a chance to succeed.

=============================================================While most of the people choose to work with established brands, I have chosen to work with new brands, new products. After working with one of the largest MNC’s – Hindustan Unilever Limited, I have worked with start-up ventures likes Typhoo and Vegit.

If all the talent wants to work with top notch companies, how will a start up evolve, create economy, create employment and create empowerment.


Vijay Sokhi

FMCG – Foods Professional

Business Consulting, Change Management, Sales Management and Motivation

You are a L O O S E R

I have a dream; I want it to make it to the football team. I have a dream; I want to go for a tour to the world. I have a dream, to be the best employee in the company I work. I want to be one of the tenth richest persons in the world. These are highly ambitious people who want to achieve something big in their life.

I want to a move from a One BHK to a Two BHK home. I want to start my own company. I want to move from two wheeler to a four wheeler. I want to fly in an air plane. I want to ensure that when my children grow up I send him to the best of the school. This is the dream of a common man, men like us.

Each and every person who is born in this world has a dream. No matter how big, or how small it is, a dream is whatever person in the world is aspiring to achieve. Even a beggar dreams that he should sometime get out of poverty and live in a home, have a car; isn’t it ??

If all in the world have a dream and they work towards it, then why is it that there are so many dreams unfulfilled. There are some who reach the pinnacle and over achieve what they have targeted for.  There are some people who fail and then work to stay alive and pay the utility bills.

Dreams are not easy to fulfill, and there can be no one in the world, who would come and say I have not chased my dream. Everybody has at some point of time had made the move. When you fail you feel like a looser. Looks like, that you have done all that you can, and now nothing further can happen.

  • You start with a thought that you want to be a singer; you try for it and then start the training. You come to a point where you see a lot of competition and the difficulties ahead, and your try to compete in a few competition but you loose
  • You start a new business and reach a point when the funds have choked ( happens with a lot of startups) and the company is closed, you loose
  • You work with a company, setup the entire business, do your targets. Then suddenly competition changes and the business that you were once successful with become hard to even reach the minimum sale point, you loose

This happens. It has happened to me and it has happened to most of us. But the looser is not the one who

  • Has not been able to become a singer
  • Has not be able to make is business venture successful
  • Has not been able to do his target
  • Or anything he has decided to achieve.

The looser is the one who has given up HOPE. No matter how small or silly, this four letter word is; as long as there is HOPE, everyone will find the way.

  • You may not be from a top notch B School in India, but this does not mean that you will not be able to make it big in the corporate world. Yes, you may have to work a little harder than these big time degree holders but you will finally make it
  • You may not be from a family business back ground, but this does not mean you cannot start your venture. You may take time but you will do it
  • You may not belong to a tinsel town family, but this does not mean that you cannot be a top notch actor. You may have to start with small roles but you will
  • You could have taken assignment with a company that is struggling. Just because your preceder could not do it, it does not mean you cannot do it, you may have to  work a little late


  • With a little extra effort
  • With a little extra dedication
  • With a little suggestion/help from your seniors
  • With a little blessings from your loved one

Everything is possible

We are not looser, if we don’t give up HOPE and keep the fire burning. Under the worst of the situation we will make it. The world has proven this and this will keep on happening for years to come.


Let the Light burn in you and let it illuminate others as well


In my interactions with various people and experiences with various companies that I have worked, I have found that each of them have a goal that they want to achieve. Based on this goals or we may say business objectives, the pillars of any organization is laid.

Organizations are made with various types of individuals and departments. Each individual that joins, he undergoes the induction process, understands his roles and responsibilities, is made acquainted with all the rule and regulation of the organization. He is told about the mission or the vision statement and the organization goals. After successful induction, he resumes to the basic routine work that he is assigned with. This is a basic format in which all the companies work.

As organizations have their goals, so do the employees. But nowhere I have ever seen or felt organization aligning their goals with the goals of the employees. By goal alignment, I mean the employee clearly understands what does the organization needs from him and the organization also understands what the employee wants.   If this happens then, I am sure that the attrition level will reduce. Organization will have better understanding of what the employee is aspiring to achieve and together work for a common objective, befitting both.

In an organization there are various types of people. Each and every person is different, does a different set of work and is important. There are people who play safe are not risk takers, they know their limitation and stay where they are, and are happy with nominal growth. There are other set who are risk takers, ambitious and want to make the extra effort to achieve something in like. It is just as a football team that has a striker, defender and mid player; all with different roles but with an intention to win the match.

The organization must at regular interval work on understanding its employee goals and help them aligning their goal with the goal of the organization. During this exercise the company can easily identify, the type of people in the organization and then act accordingly. If an aggressive person, or a person who can be trained is identified; the goals should be aligned because these are those person who can bring a remarkable change.

For the employees who are working with organization where the goal is not defined, you will never be able to achieve the objective you have set. If you have set a goal for yourself and the organization is not investing on you, it’s time to move on!!

Happy Diwali

Hello Everyone!!

This  is my first blog and I hope that I keep on adding values to all by sharing knowledge.

Each and everyone of us in the world is fighting within ourselves. This fight is with the darkness inside  us, that is known to us only. Someone or the other is fighting to overcome the addiction to lust, jealously, hatred, financial crunch, internet/mobile pornography, alcoholism, job instability, unfulfilled desires and so on…. But all during this fight, we know that something is wrong and although we want to  overcome we are not able to do it.  Every day we get up and take a pledge that, today I am going to work on it, and somehow or the other consciously, unconsciously, we give up and end up doing what we don’t want to do.

No matter what, the intention to get rid of bad things, the first step towards improvement . The road is tough and the only way one can come out of it is dedication and effort. Effort does not mean starting aggressively and then being unable to live upto the schedule. Taking small step at a time will yield big results. Eg. If a person is addicted to alcohol, even reducing a day in week will be a good thing to start. Very soon once a day will improve to two or more and eventually you may reduce the carving to minimal and finally it will go.

Diwali is a celebration of light over darkness. It is the celebration of good over evil. Let today be the day when you take  a pledge to move a little step towards light.

Hare Krishna

Man walking toward a cross formed by light reflecting off the grungy walls of an underground culvert.
Man walking toward a cross formed by light reflecting off the grungy walls of an underground culvert.